Utah ANG helps Hill AFB tackle deadline for new F-22 workload

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  • By Senior Airman Lillian Harnden
  • 151 ARW/PA
In order to meet a tight deadline for the 309th Software Maintenance Group's new F-22 Raptor workload, Hill Air Force Base requested the Utah Air National Guard's help to install a cable infrastructure September 6 to 30.

Eight cable technicians from the 130th Engineering Installation Squadron augmented Hill AFB's current workforce to install a backbone fiber and workstation cable lines at the 309th SMXG's building.

Now that the 130th EIS accomplished their mission by the deadline, software engineers coming to Hill AFB to support the F-22 program have a place to work and the 309th SMXG can also continue working without delays.

"Our team came through on short notice, and they did a very good job," said Lt. Col. Karen Morris, the 130th EIS commander. "The project was important to Hill AFB to support the F-22 program. We completed the work by the target date and under budget, for less than what it would have cost for a contractor."

The 130th EIS team chief, Tech. Sgt. Kyle Wood, said that even though the project was intense due to the importance of placing the lines by the deadline, they had a lot of support from Hill AFB in completing it.

"The 309th and Hill AFB bent over backwards to ensure our project kept flowing so we could get everything done that we needed to get done," said Wood. "Basically, they removed all the road blocks we'd run into that, on any normal job, would be a problem."

Wood estimates that it has been about 10 years since the 130th EIS had the opportunity to work for Hill AFB. Normally, their project taskings are scattered around the country. Wood was appreciative of his chance to work locally.

"Hill AFB gave us the opportunity to basically work in our backyard, so we got to go home and be with our families at the end of the day," said Wood.

Wood also acknowledged another benefit of working locally.

"During September's drill weekend, we had additional traditionals from our shop drive up to help us splice and add connectors to the fibers so we could complete the job quicker."