101st IWF officers receive Air Force-level awards

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Christiana Elieson
  • 151 ARW/PA
Winning an Air Force-level award is no easy feat; however, two Airmen from the 101st Information Warfare Flight captured awards for 2006 and were presented their etched glass plaques in a ceremony at the 101st IWF's building during June's drill weekend.

Majors Mary Enges and Robert Farmer were given their official recognition by Col. Brian Dravis, deputy director of operations at the National Guard Bureau in Washington, D.C., who was representing Lt. Gen. Daniel Darnell, deputy chief of staff for operations, plans and requirements, and Lt. Gen. Craig McKinley, director of the Air National Guard.

Maj. Farmer received the Outstanding Air Force Information Operations Award, Officer Contributor of the Year, Level II for translating his commander's intent into tasks for members of his team and IO recommendations.

"I am grateful to receive this award," said Maj. Farmer. "It was very thoughtful of the leadership."

Maj. Enges was honored with the Outstanding Air Force Information Operations
Award Air Reserve Component Field Grade Officer of the Year, Level II. She was given this honor for her many accomplishments during the 2006 year. Some of these accomplishments included creating training modules, using her experience to train hundreds of Airmen at the first ANG IO workshop, and her creation of a wingman program to help the 101st IWF with stress management and coping skills while dealing with the high-tempo headquarters environment.

"Like any other award, this is not an individual award," said Maj. Enges. "It is really earned by the whole unit and it is great to have recognition for the unit. I am just the lucky one who is given the award."

After the ceremony many of the leaders heaped praise on the work the 101st IWF has done and the two award winners.

"Thank you for your good work," said Brig. Gen. David Hooper, assistant adjutant general for air. "The things you do here in the 101st have national implications."

"We are doing 34 to 40 percent of the Air Force mission with seven percent of the budget," said Col. Dravis. "It is fantastic what you folks have done."

"It is rewarding to see Maj. Enges, who laid the foundation, and Maj. Farmer, who provided the reach-back operations, receive these awards." Lt. Col. Lance Whipple, commander of the 101st IWF, stated. "These were two key things that needed to happen for this mission to succeed."