UTANG Hosts Annual Wingman Day

  • Published
  • By SrA Emily Hulse
  • 151 ARW/PA
Airmen participated in the Utah Air National Guard Annual Wingman Day August 4 at the Utah Air National Guard base in Salt Lake City.

The day started with a prayer call led by the chaplain's office, then led to briefings and discussion focused around resiliency, Airman wellness, and the concept of being a wingman.

Col. Samuel H. Ramsay asked Airmen to think about what it means to be a wingman.

"We hopefully use [wingman] to describe ourselves in our relationships with our fellow airmen," said Ramsay. "As a wingman, how far are you willing to go to protect your fellow Airmen?"

Brig. Gen. Kenneth L. Gammon said that he has high expectations of Airmen.
"Take care of yourself, take care of your wingman, and do your job," said Gammon. "Last, when you come here to work, find at least one thing you can improve every day."

Airmen were encouraged to maintain their Comprehensive Airman Fitness, described by Master Sgt. John Jurkowski as not only physical fitness, but mental, social, and spiritual fitness as well.

Maj. Gen. Jefferson S. Burton said he hoped that, as wingmen, we can make a difference in the quality of life for airmen around us.

"Do I suggest that we can solve each other's problems completely?" asked Burton. "No, but I do suggest that we can do a pretty good job in communicating to each other and helping each other overcome some of the daily hurdles and pitfalls that we all have."

In closing, Command Chief Master Sgt. Michael Edwards emphasized the importance of maintaining a wingman standard of life through the Air Force core values.

"Even though we have different statuses, we all have the same standards," said Edwards. "Try to keep that in mind as you push through your career. Those core values are a beacon that can guide you in the right direction, and you can help your fellow Airmen by following them."