Utah Air National Guardsmen recognized as Air Guard Production Recruiter and Retainer of the year

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  • Utah Air National Guard
On March 29, Utah Air National Guard Tech. Sgt. Johnson Xaysana was recognized by the Air National Guard as one of the nation's top recruiters during the Annual Certification and Training Course held in Gulfport, MS.

The Air National Guard annually recognizes its best performers nationally for recruiting and retention efforts. Xaysana's performance at the on behalf the Utah Air National Guard during Fiscal Year 2018 earned him the distinction of being the nation's top Air Guard Production Recruiter and Retainer of the year for fiscal year 18.

“Joining any branch of service is a life changing event,” said Xaysana. “As a recruiter, I recognize that I am assisting individuals in one of the most important decisions of their lives, and it’s important to get them in the right position that will enable them to achieve their goals, while also meeting the needs of the Utah Air National Guard."

Every year, each Wing is tasked to review their recruiter’s achievements and to nominate their best to the Regional Board for review. The Regional Board, made up of Recruiting and Retention Superintendents from each state in the region, reviews each packet and selects one recruiter to represent the region at a national-level review. One member is selected from each of the five regions as their Production Recruiter of the Year.

The national goal for our most skilled recruiters is to enlist 36 new Airman per year. TSgt Xaysana’s 91 accessions speaks volumes of his strong work ethic and focus to see the process through.

"We set our recruiting goals high this year, but TSgt Xaysana’s work exceeded everyone’s expectations,” said SMSgt Mario Reeve, Utah Air National Guard recruiting and retention superintendent. “This award is bestowed upon the “best of the best,” and takes into account total accessions (recruits) for the fiscal year, a member’s contribution to the base and community, and the member’s personal and professional development.

A recruiter’s job is not just about numbers, percentages, and goals; It's about people.

“One of TSgt Xaysana’s key strengths is his ability to build a strong rapport with his applicants,” added Reeve. “You have to be well organized — attention to detail is a must — and be able to relate to candidates and tell them about the Air National Guard. The work he has done on behalf of the Utah National Guard has made a significant impact towards meeting our organization’s readiness for years to come.”

Xaysana credits his success with finding the best possible fit for each new Airman.

“My goal isn’t just to fill a vacancy, but to recruit for the long term,” Xaysana added. “I try to put someone in the right place that will keep them here for 20 years.”