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Full-Time Active Duty Military Careers
Excel to greater heights with a full time career in the Air National Guard. Visit the Air National Guard Military Vacancy Announcements page to find full-time, military challenging positions. Make your future happen and apply today!

State Career Opportunities
To learn more about full time jobs available within the Utah National Guard or Utah Air National Guard, visit our Human Resources Office website.

Part-Time Careers
Protect America's skies and serve your country while working part-time for Air National Guard.
-- You can earn up to $20,000 towards college tuition while working part-time in your hometown when joining the Air National Guard.
-- $15,000 Signing Bonus!
-- Did you know that in the Air National Guard you can serve your country while staying close to home, family and friends?
-- While going to school, you only work a minimum of one weekend a month and two weeks a year.
-- You can earn college credit while obtaining military and career training, which will make you marketable after you graduate.
-- Air National Guard offers you more than 180 different career choices including healthcare, communications, avionics and electronics.
-- Find real-time job openings in your hometown.



  • Administration
  • Aerospace Ground Equipment A.G.E.
  • Aerospace Medical Service
  • Aerospace Propulsion 
  • Air Transportation 
  • Aircraft Electrical Environmental Systems (E&E) 
  • Aircraft Fuel Systems
  • Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
  • Aircraft Metals Technology 
  • Aircraft Structural Maintenance 
  • Aircrew Flight Equipment
  • Airfield Management
  • All Source Intelligence Analyst 
  • Aviation Resource Management
  • Bioenvironmental Engineering 
  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Cable & Antenna Operations
  • Client Systems Operations
  • Command & Control Battle Management Operations 
  • Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems 
  • Cryptologic Linguist (Chinese, Persian Farsi, Russian)
  • Cyber Transport Systems
  • Dental Assistant 
  • Electrical Power Production 
  • Electrical Systems
  • Emergency Management 
  • Engineering
  • Equal Opportunity 
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal 
  • Fire Protection 
  • Fleet Management and Analysis
  • Fuels
  • Ground Transportation 
  • Health Services Management 
  • Heating, Ventilation, A/C, and Refrigeration 
  • Instrument and Flight Control Systems 
  • Knowledge Management
  • Logistics Plans
  • Maintenance Management Analysis 
  • Maintenance Management Production 
  • Material Management 
  • Munitions Systems 
  • Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) 
  • Operations Management 
  • Paralegal
  • Pavements and Construction Equipment 
  • Personnel
  • Public Affairs 
  • Public Health 
  • Radar, Airfield, & Weather Systems (RAWS)
  • Refuel Aircraft Maintenance 
  • Religious Affairs
  • RF Transmission Operations
  • Safety 
  • Security Forces
  • Security Operations
  • Services 
  • Signals Intelligence Analyst
  • Structural (A&P)
  • Systems Operations
  • Traffic Management 
  • Vehicular Equipment Maintenance    
  • Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance​






    SENIOR ENLISTED LEADER: 801-245-2245


    FLIGHT CHIEF: 801-245-2247