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This page is dedicated to informing and educating our members of relavent information and updates from the finance management office. Often, certain trends appear that can be corrected easily through your cooperation. Currently, our main concerns are with EFT rejection, incorrect e-mail address/physical address on our travel systems, debt management.

EFT Rejections

It is a must for any member to let finance know when they change their electronic fund transfer information. These changes include your financial institution, account and routing number. Failure to do so will result in a rejection at the DFAS level which will cause a delay of at least two weeks for the funds to be rerouted and researched. So please, remember to pay us a visit and fill out a new direct deposit form.

Debt Letters

For the members with current debts on record. We have been sending debt letters to our members in order to resolve the issue at the lowest level, however, we have not seen many replies. This is likely due to our office having outdated personal contact information. However, for those who did receive the letters and have not taken action, we encourage that you contact us immediately. We have taken a new approach which may cause a disciplinary action for those members who have not attempted to pay the debt or set a payment plan for it. Some members may not be aware that they have a debt, therefore read all mail from finance carefully and take action when required.

Current Information

Our finance travel systems are the source systems used by the whole office for current, as well as, accurate e-mail address and physical address. We require the right information for you to receive your travel voucher statements and other important mail from us at the base office and DFAS level. It is the member's responsibility to know what is going with his or her finances and while we are here to help, we also need your cooperation on issues such as this.

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