New Chaplains


Military Chaplains minister wherever forces serve, providing a religious ministry response to the needs of service members, families and other authorized personnel whether at home base or deployed.

 MISSION STATEMENT: Developing spiritually fit Airmen for homeland and global operations

 VISION STATEMENT: Locally, Globally -- Always on Mission


For any matters that you might need help with during the month or on drill weekends, please reach out to any of the contacts listed below. If the matter is urgent, please call or text us so that we can provide assistance in a timely manner. We are located in the Wellness Center in Building 218, and we are on base during drill weekends. However, if there are needs outside of drill weekends, do not hesitate to reach out to us, we will do our best to meet your needs! 


Wing Chaplain Andrew Madison,                             (801) 884-8819, 

Deputy Wing Chaplain Spence Cooper,                 (801) 390-2546, 

Chaplain Jeff Skinner,         (208) 918-9651, 

Senior Religious Affairs Airman Brent Nielson,    (801) 913-5778, 

Religious Affairs Airman, Miranda Clark,              (801) 510-8378,