Proper wearing of the enlisted semi-formal uniform

  • Published
  • By TSgt Nicholas Perez
  • 151 Air Refueling Wing

1. Name tag and headgear is not worn. Saluting when outdoors is not required. 

2. Center ribbons resting on (but not over) edge of welt pocket and between left and right edges. Wear all ribbons and devices. 

3. Place US insignia halfway up the lapel seam, resting on but not over it. Bottom of insignia is horizontal with the ground. Circles will be worn around the U.S. Insignias. 

4. Air Force members are highly encouraged to wear their current occupational badge. Aeronautical and chaplain badges are mandatory, others are optional. Wear only midsize or regular badges, do not mix sizes. Center aeronautical, occupational, or miscellaneous badge 1/2 inch above the top row of ribbons. Center additional badge 1/2 inch above first one. Center duty or miscellaneous badge 1 1/2 inches below top of welt pocket and centered, and/or on right side centered between arm seam and lapel, with bottom edge of badge parallel to top of welt pocket. EXCEPTIONS: Missile badge is only worn 1 1/2 inches below top of welt pocket and centered. Excellence-In-Competition badge is worn centered on the welt pocket. 

5. Center 4-inch sleeve chevron halfway between shoulder seam and elbow bent at 90-degree angle. 

6. Herringbone tie is mandatory. Center optional tie tack or tie clasp (Air Force symbol, grade insignia, or wing and star) between bottom edge of knot and bottom tip of tie. 

7. Wear with white long or short sleeve shirt.

8. Individuals, at their discretion, may sew down pockets but no local policy will be established to make it mandatory. 

Exceptions for women
- Tie Tab is mandatory
- Slacks are not authorized