151st Air Refueling Wing Change of Command

  • Published
  • By Maj. Marie Denson
  • 151 Wing

Col. Robert Taylor relinquished command of the 151st Air Refueling Wing during a change of command and wing redesignation ceremony at Roland R. Wright Air National Guard Base on Dec. 2, 2023.

Acknowledging the remarkable achievements of the 151st ARW, Col. Taylor expressed his gratitude to the dedicated service members under his command. "Thank you to all, the members of the 151st Air Refueling Wing, soon to be the 151st Wing," stated Taylor. "Any successes I had were because of you. You are truly premier, and it has been my greatest honor to have served alongside you as the wing commander."

Following the redesignation proceedings, command of the newly designated 151st Wing was assumed by Col. Douglas Foster, marking a significant moment steeped in military tradition—a formal transfer of authority and responsibility for the unit to the incoming commanding officer.

Col. Foster brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having previously served as the Director of Operations at Joint Force Headquarters for six months and, before that, as the 151st Operations Group commander for approximately four years. He boasts an impressive track record as a Weapons Officer and Evaluator Pilot, accumulating over 4,000 flight hours in the KC-135 and participating in 296 combat missions supporting diverse operations worldwide.

In his address to the Wing, the new commander expressed his deep appreciation for the Utah Air National Guard. "Utah is the state that shows up, delivers solutions to the nation’s toughest problems; we’re the hardest workers in the room, no matter what room you’re in," stated Foster. "I am truly honored and humbled to get to lead such an amazing organization."

Col. Foster outlined his command principles, emphasizing three fundamental pillars:

  • Mission Readiness: Prioritizing the readiness of both members and their families.
  • Cultivating a Participatory Culture: Encouraging enthusiastic engagement within the Utah Air National Guard.
  • Solution-Focused Service: Striving for a standard of service that consistently seeks solutions.

The 151st Wing comprises five groups: the 151st Operations Group, 151st Maintenance Group, 151st Mission Support Group, 151st Medical Group, and the 151st Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Group.

The transition in command marks a pivotal moment for the 151st Wing as it looks toward the future under the leadership of Col. Douglas Foster, dedicated to maintaining excellence and furthering the legacy of exceptional service within the Utah Air National Guard.