Utah Air National Guard Recruiting and Retention Senior Enlisted Leader

  • Published
  • By TSgt Nicholas Perez
  • 151st Wing

Master Sgt. Jesse Hegeman, the newly appointed recruiting and retention senior enlisted leader of the Utah Air National Guard, is poised to revolutionize recruitment with a strategic and deeply personal approach. Bringing over three decades of military service to his new role, Hegeman's extensive experience in the Air Force uniquely positions him to lead and inspire.

Hegeman's career has spanned various crucial roles, from health care responsibilities to supervisory duties as an Airman Dormitory Leader, to recruiting. His transition from active duty was driven by a desire for stability for himself and his family, alongside a continued passion for recruitment, which he describes as the most rewarding job in the Air Force.

In his leadership role, Master Sgt. Hegeman aims to enhance the effectiveness of recruiting strategies. “I am committed to integrating advanced technologies and digital platforms,” said Hegeman. “Using the ‘Aim High’ app and myVector Talent Marketplace, we will be able to connect with the new generation of recruits.”

Master Sgt. Hegeman acknowledges several challenges in his field, including the competitive nature of military recruiting and common misconceptions about military life. His new approach includes increasing outreach and engagement through social media, community events, and emphasizing the unique benefits and opportunities of serving in the Utah Air National Guard.

His immediate goals focus on developing a strong, well-trained recruiting team, enhancing the outreach capabilities and maintaining high recruiting numbers. With new members currently in training, and certified recruiters continually getting advanced training, Master Sgt. Hegeman emphasizes the importance of a cohesive and proficient team to meet recruitment targets effectively.

Master Sgt. Hegeman's leadership style is transformational, he strives to inspire and empower his recruiters through motivation, adaptability, and his strategic vision. His focus on fostering a culture of enthusiasm and teamwork is designed to drive success and professional growth within his team.

Hegeman goes on to say “If you are considering a career in the Air National Guard, you should compare options and choose a path that aligns best with your personal goals and values. My team is well versed, highly capable, and will provide you with the guidance and information you will need to start your military journey.”

Master Sgt. Hegeman often uses an analogy comparing military enlistment to buying a car, urging recruits to explore their options thoroughly before committing. His personal journey through active duty, reserves, and now the National Guard equips him and his team to guide recruits through their choices, ensuring they understand the nuances of each service component.

As he leads the Utah Air National Guard's recruitment efforts into a dynamic future, Master Sgt. Jesse Hegeman's dedication to service, community engagement, and personal development underscores the enduring values and opportunities available in the National Guard.

His proactive engagement with local communities aims to raise awareness and foster interest in the Utah Air National Guard. Initiatives like community events, school outreach programs, military appreciation events, base tours, and incentive flights are just a few avenues through which Master Sgt. Hegeman plans to connect with the public and potential recruits.

Looking ahead, Master Sgt. Hegeman envisions a robust future for the Utah Air National Guard's recruitment efforts. Over the next five years, he aims to stabilize and expand the team to seven recruiters, increase their presence at events and visits throughout the state, enhancing their ability to connect personally with potential recruits and community partners.

Master Sgt. Hegeman’s leadership and strategic vision highlight a new era for the Utah Air National Guard’s recruiting office. His commitment to personal development, community engagement, and informed decision-making fosters a progressive environment that not only aims to meet current goals but also prepares for future challenges and opportunities. As he leads with passion and dedication, Hegeman remains a pivotal figure in shaping the next generation of Air National Guard members, ensuring they are well-equipped to serve and succeed.