The Unit Climate Assessment is out

  • Published
  • By Maj. Scott D Scharman
  • 151st ARW/EEO
The Unit Climate Assessment is currently being conducted to help Utah Air National Guard leadership understand how Airmen feel about their organizations and jobs.

This anonymous on-line survey is available to every Air Force member and can be completed on a military or home computer.

To ensure members feel comfortable about providing candid feedback, survey answers are completely confidential. Survey information is analyzed in terms of unit, rank, gender, and other critical demographic factors. However, the final assessment report does not include details for any demographic category that has less than six responses. This prevents any responses from being associated to a single member with unique demographics. For example, if a unit has six members that respond, five male and one female, the report for that unit will not report the results by gender. If an organization has 20 members who respond, i.e., 10 male and 10 female, the results will be broken down by gender.

If a unit has less than six members, that information will still be included at a Group or Base-level where there are enough responses for that category.

Research conducted by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute shows that how members feel about their relationships within their working, living, and social environment affects how they perform in their jobs. Additionally, the impact on organizational effectiveness can often be predicted based on this information.

These prevailing perceptions are referred to as an organization's Human Relations Climate, and the UCA survey is the primary measurement tool. The survey helps measure member's feelings about the "health" and functioning effectiveness of an organization by examining such factors as morale, teamwork and communication.

Each member of the Utah Air National Guard has been sent the UCA survey link and details. If members have not received the information, they should contact the Equal Opportunity Office directly at (801) 245-2266.