Meet the Utah ANG's New Retention Office Manager

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Emily Hoferitza
  • 151st ARW/PA
Q & A with Master Sgt. Alexandria Chamberlain

1. When did you move from recruiting to retention?
I left my former position as the recruiting office supervisor in December. I went to technical school in January and started my new position as the retention office manager this week.

2. What is the purpose of the Utah Air National Guard Retention Office?
I look at this job as being similar to a guidance counselor in high school. I help give members of the Utah ANG advice on their careers, especially if they're about to separate and walk out the door in the middle of them. I have the opportunity to find out what has gone right and wrong in their careers, and see if there's anything we can do to retain them.

I also have the unique opportunity to assist people with getting their education paid for through the tuition assistance/tuition waiver program. I help Airmen use their GI bills, and I pay out cash bonuses.

3. What are your goals for the position?
My overall goal, in the long run, is to be able to share with every member of the Utah ANG the different tools I have in this office so they can use them to achieve some of their own goals within the Guard. I want everyone to know what this office has to offer them.
I think this is really one of the coolest jobs on the base because everyone comes through my office. I get to meet just about every member of the Utah ANG because they eventually come through here when they in-process after they get back from technical school.

4. How does it feel to come to retention from recruiting?
It's been a fun experience thus far because some of my very first customers have been members who I enlisted. I have been able to tell some of these young Airmen, "You're going to go to basic training and tech school, and when you come back you're going to get an incentive." You can always see the hesitation in their eyes, but to have them come back and sit in front of me as I pull out the bonus contract and initial's great to see them actually get their first bonus payment. To be the one to follow through with what I promised them is very cool.

Additionally, I still work hand-in-hand with the recruiters. We're not successful at the Utah ANG as recruiters and retainers unless we work together.

5. What do you want Guardsmen around the base to know about your new job?
The Utah ANG Retention Office is open for business. I'm here Monday through Thursday from 0600 to 1630. If you've got a problem, come see me. I may not be able to answer it right away, but I will do everything I can to get an answer for you. Members can contact me at DSN 245-2441.