Utah ANG to hold Dining Out

  • Published
  • By Maj. Krista DeAngelis
  • 151 ARW/PA
Brig. Gen. David M. Hooper, Assistant Adjutant General for Air, and the Utah Air National Guard Top 3 will host a dining-out for all ANG members on May 9, 2008 at 6 p.m. at Club Hill at Hill Air Force Base with Col. (retired) Reece Stein as the keynote speaker. 

The dining-in and dining-out represent one of the most formal aspects of Air Force social life, and have been one of the many traditions held by the service throughout the years. The traditional Air Force dining-in is thought to be a descendant of the "Wing-dings" of Gen. Hap Arnold's time during World War II, and is very popular in operational units. The purpose of the social event is to bring together Airmen to promote camaraderie and enhance esprit de corps. 

The dining-out is similar to the dining-in traditions, but includes the addition of non-military personnel (spouses, friends, etc.) which differentiates it. This year's dining-out is open to all Utah ANG members and their spouses and guests. 

The ANG dining-out will include two grog bowls; one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic. Members who do not adhere to the "rules of the mess" will be susceptible to a trip to the grog. Appropriate dining-out attire includes mess dress for officers, and mess dress or semi-formal for enlisted, and equivalent civilian attire for guests. Semi-formal dress includes the service dress jacket and pants/skirt, a white shirt (non-button down collar) and herringbone tie. No hats or name tags are worn with this uniform. Tickets are still available for purchase.